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Printed Textile Designer and Artist

Lovely day at _theforgebristol today
Some loveliness to paint tomorrow. 💕
Quick gestural roses #acrylicink #flowerpainting #flowers #textiledesign
A taste of today's workshop in Marlow. The afternoon just flew and there was gorgeous work produced.
Tonal flowers #floralpainting #ink #flowers #flowergram  #tonal
ASOS Flower painting workshop. The best thing to unwind on a Friday afternoon.jpg
Everyone painting away at Sunday’s Works
On my desk today #flowers #studio #mydesk #floral #mixedmedia #chalkpastels
Workshop in action with the Whiston and Wright girls #jesspriestclasses #flowerpaintingclass #worksh
1 workshop.jpg
Always the roses #floralprint #flowerpainting #roses #textiledesigner #watercolour


From Professional Textile Designer and Artist to Teaching

I am a Printed Textile Designer and Artist, working from my home studio in Buckinghamshire, UK. 

Following graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2000 I began working in a top Print Design Studio in London. A visiting lecturer once told me "if you can paint a flower you will always be able to find a job in textile design." They were not wrong as I have been working in the industry for over 17 years and love to create beautiful floral designs on a daily basis.

I have been producing hand painted designs for the fashion industry using digital media to translate my paintings into print. My work has sold to names such as Anthropologie, Vera Wang, Toast, Calvin Klein as well as a number of high street stores. 

I believe in sharing and learning techniques to improve the artists tools. As such I began using social media to share some examples of techniques that I use. Over the years this has led to a growing number of keen artists, universities and students as well as professional designers requesting workshops to teach or collaborate.

Starting with initial 121 taster sessions in 2015 the demand has continued to grow. With visiting workshops at universities (for both lecturers and students,) in house designer workshops and 121s I have found myself travelling across the UK and sometimes further afield to share my knowledge and passion for the art.

I now offer floral painting classes for both the aspiring artist and professional designer in the UK and abroad. 

If you are interested in joining one of the Group Classes, having a 121 please use the booking section. For Professional Studio workshops or if there are no dates that are suitable for you please complete the "Get in Touch" section.




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